welcome to oracle-developer.net

oracle-developer.net is a resource for Oracle database developers. On this site you will find a collection of articles, tutorials, and utilities. Most of the content on this site is original, though in some cases the work or contributions of others is referenced and credited. Feel free to browse the site, recommend it to your colleagues and maybe link to it from your own websites and blogs.

what you'll find on this site

oracle-developer.net is divided into two sections: articles and utilities. The content is primarily SQL and PL/SQL for database developers but DBAs should also find some useful information. The articles are categorised as New Features or Miscellaneous (which includes tutorials, new techniques and workarounds). Utilities are free for download with the usual disclaimers on usage. New content is added on a regular basis and can be tracked using the site's RSS feed.

about oracle-developer.net

oracle-developer.net is developed and maintained by me, Adrian Billington, based in the UK. I'm an Oracle ACE Alumnus, a member of the OakTable Network and a winner of the Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards, 2015 for PL/SQL. I am co-author of Expert PL/SQL Practices and I have also contributed a section to Steven Feuerstein's Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Fifth Edition, (my contribution is re-printed here courtesy of O'Reilly).

about the site design

oracle-developer.net is based on an original template by SmallPark. I've retained the general theme of the template as much as possible, although many of the original display properties have changed. If there are any general design or usability issues with the site, please let me know.

contact me

For any questions related to the contents of this site or accompanying GitHub, contact me at info@oracle-developer.net. All comments are gratefully received.